Himachal pradesh

Fondly termed as the ‘Land of the Gods’, the bewitching Himachal Pradesh is a delightful treat to nature lovers. With its stunning panoramic views of the snow-capped mountain ranges, the state offers up some of the most scenic holiday destinations anywhere in the world.

From natural parks to architectural gems, there is no shortage of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. From vast conservation areas and sanctuaries housing a rich endemic life, to colourful open meadows and pristine clear rivers the beauty of Himachal’s landscape is unparalleled.

Boasting of a vibrant cultural life and heritage, the architecture of the Himachali monuments highlight its dual roots in both Hinduism and Buddhism. While the traditional monasteries and gompas in the state reflects its Buddhist past, the numerous, colourful temples with their excellent craftsmanship stands testament to the local practices of worshipping Hindu deities. With their unique design and style, the temples of the state are some of the most interesting places to see in Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh is well known for the number of adventure sport opportunities it has to offer. Trekking, hiking and climbing are some of the most popular sports enjoyed here. The trekking routes offered by the towns of Himachal are of varying lengths and levels of difficulty. Being riddled with rivers, Himachal is also known for its watersport opportunities, such as river rafting, canoeing or kayaking.

Because of its varying altitude, different places in Himachal Pradesh experience different weather patterns. While towns in higher altitudes experience extremities in temperatures during winter and summer, with the winters covered in snow, the lower valleys generally experience moderate climate throughout the year, with cool and pleasant summers and winters.