Leh Ladakh Tour Packages


Ladakh Road trip is not just another destination in a traveller’s bucket list, but it is a dream in itself. A bike trip to Ladakh doesn’t create stories, it creates CHRONICLES! The mighty Himalayan Mountains, pristine glacier lakes and beautiful valleys together
make Ladakh for the nature’s wonder that it is.

Always keeping you high on adrenaline, an adventure trip to Ladakh through the world’s highest passes rewards you with the most breathtaking views you could ever imagine.One thing thať’s extremely important is the culture & people of the place. We suggest that you savour Ladakhi food while you are there because you won’t get that yummy food anywhere else in the World. Watching your vehicle defy the laws of gravity at the Magnetic Hill, zooming through the treacherous Gata Loops, or riding through Khardungla Pas, a trip to Ladakh is the ultimate adventure you can think of.

It’s time to tick these activities off your bucket list with Bhatakna Leh Ladakh Package for 2020! Go on and create your own Ladakh Chronicles!